La Rentrée!

There’s no English word for « la rentrée », so for this week’s joker – create one!

Also remember that you have a vocabulary test on lists 1 to 10 this week so get revising!

For another free joker – the « trim » are coming – describe what you do when you revise, where do you sit? How long to you work before taking a break? Do you read?underline?highlight?take notes? test yourself?

Have a good week and don’t forget the alarm clock for Monday morning!



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What are your resolutions for 2016? 

How about these:

Read a book and come to book club

Do some sport – choose something you like and do it regularly

Help & volunteer – do something something to help someone every week

And of course… revise the vocabulary more often! – Go to quiz let NOW!



  1. Write a list of your resolutions
  2. Tell Mrs Harris how to eat a frog!
  3. The 100 word challenge is back, this week’s prompt is  » …as I joined the queue…If you have a blog, post it and link it to, if not just mail your text to Mrs Harris.

Have a FAB week back!