Hi, this is the section where students write about what interests them.

We’ll start off with some of the 4ème’s holiday blogs:


This summer I spent two weeks in Malta with my mom, my dad and my sister. We went there by plane and stayed in a hotel. I had my own room with a big and comfortable bed and a fridge next to it. Every morning I went swimming in the sea! The water was cool, but I didn’t care because I admired the magnificent view. After swimming, my sister and I did a lot of activities such as shopping, walking, playing cards, watching films or just sleeping…The food was amazing there and quite cheap. Sometimes, at the evening I did my homework, but it was very rarely…There, It was easy to communicate with Maltese people because they speak English. We met the friendliest and the most fun loving people. This holiday was gorgeous and I enjoyed this stay. I would like to return there one more time…



Travel blog

 I spend ten day in Marabella ,in Spain .There the people are very friendly. The town is wonderful and the beaches are awesome . There are lot of very cheap but good restaurants .There I did lot of shopping , it’s the thing I usually do when I travel. I bought lot of clothes for summer but when I come back to Switzerland I undersood it was better to buy clothers for winter. I swam and I tanned.

The morning you some do surf,jet ski. The city is very animated so you can go at some party.

Rania Agrebi


Travel blog

Sunday we go at 8:30 for 4 hours drive. We arrived in Strasbourg and my sister and my father went to a concert. Meanwhile my mother, my brother and I visited the city of Strasbourg. We bought a lot of food.

Monday: we are back in town, but this time all five. we bought a lot of cookies                           and we ate in a waffle place . At 2 pm we went to join my grandparents in center park. With my sister we go by bike to the pool for 2 hours.

Tuesday: I return to the pool with my sister and my father. Around 3 pm they left the pool to go to the cottage to eat. I started my homework and I helped my uncle. That night I fell out of bed and hurt my back badly.

Monday: I had back pain I couldn’t go to the pool, then with my mother and my brother we visited the farm. The night we eat at the creperie.

Saturday: I was able to go to the pool, but I wasn’t able to do the slides. So I was swimming with my brother who was quite happy to be in the water. In the evening we ate at the pizzaria, it was too good!

Friday: we woke up early to go to my grandmother’s in Moselle. While mom, Alix, and me and Benjamain stayed at the hotel, my father went to see an uncle he had not seen for 20 years.

Sunday: my father took us around his childhood city, then after we went to my grandma’s to eat dinner.Then  we drove home and stopped an hours in Germany. We got home around 8pm.        Léa Kéte