Welcome to A.E.P. – the advanced English programme.

At lycée Topffer our English speaking students will enjoy up to two hours of Advanced English class per week as well as following their class programme.

On Mondays we will focus mainly on English language, here are just some of the things we will be studying;

Spelling, Shakespeare, Digital Safety, Learning techniques, Short Stories, Comic Strips, Written expression, Poetry, Unusual Words…

On Wednesdays we will be doing multi-discipline project work, this will include;

Creating an app, Presenting a historical figure, Creating an island and its inhabitants, Building a bridge, Designing a restaurant and its menu, Creating a new sport, Starting our own business…

The objectives of this course, apart from keeping up and improving your English skills, will also include the promotion of critical thinking, communication skills and problem solving.

If you have any questions concerning the course or want to register now then contact me at



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