This page is full of information for the spé anglais Anglais Monde Contemporain for the French baccalaureate.

The exam format for those stopping the spé at the end of premier

programmeMCpremier  – the official programme of premier for anyone who is interested!

programmeMCterminale -and the programme for terminale!

Programme & topics AMC premier -a list of some of the things we may be studying this year.

AMC1erS1 How to organise your ring binder – a list of the themes studied this year and how to organise your notes. There won’t be a coursebook as this subject is related to current affairs and the news (so it changes regularly), therefor it is very important that you keep detailed notes and organise them effectively.

The themes are concerned with English speaking countries, not just the UK and the USA, for info here’s a list of English speaking countries.

howtodescribechartsetcIELTSwriting1 –  useful vocabulary for describing graphs and charts, this will be useful for certain documents as well as the IELTS Writing exam part 1.

Thème 1: Savoirs, Création & Innovation:

Thème 2: Représentations: