Win a Free Joker!

Use the letters of your name and find as many English words for each letter as you can – example:


J – June, jumper,

A – apple, apt, ape

C – cat, courage, cauliflower

K – kid, kick, kind

The number and difficulty of the words depends on your class – you know what Mrs Harris expects!

Write them on a piece of paper & give it to Mrs Harris.


3ème homework

You watched a video on the paralympics in class today, (from the lesson by Kieran Donaghy 

For homework  (for Monday  September 12th) watch one of the following interviews and then write a text (150 words min.) from the point of view of the person in the film describing their daily life and the difficulties they faced to become what they are today.

If you do not understand, ASK MRS HARRIS, do NOT wait until class!

Drummer – Alvin Law

Racing driver -Bartek Ostalowski

Singer -Tony Dee

Fighter – G Money

Pianist- Rachel Starritt

Cyclist- Jody Cundy

Pianist – Jonatha Bastos

Cody Rayner

Blind football player