4ème Vocabulary Lists 2019-2020

You have a vocabulary test every THURSDAY, remember to revise the past lists as well as the list of the week. Learn FIVE new words a day and TEST yourself and WRITE the words to learn them.

4ème Vocabulary List 1 stative verbs

4ème vocabulary list 2 – ferris Bueller’s day off

play quizlet for list 2

4 ème vocabulary list 3 – school

play quizlet for list 3

4 eme vocabulary list4 – Canada

Play quizlet for list 4

4 ème vocabulary list 5

Play quizlet for list 5

4ème vocabulary list 6 cinema

Play quizlet to learn list 6

4ème vocabulary list 7 classroom

play quizlet to learn list 7


play quizlet to learn list 8


4voclist10time capsule

4ème vocabulary list 11 –escalade


4èmelist13 animals


4voclist15 – reading comprehension