LLCE (langues, littératures et cultures étrangères)

What will you be learning?

This is not a grammar or linguistics class, you will learn English by learning IN English.

You will be expected to participate IN ENGLISH and give presentations, take notes and ask questions IN ENGLISH. It is expected that you will be level C1 at the end of this course. As well as reading and writing, speaking and listening in English we will also work on “mediation” – that means explaining things to other people, and analyse of texts and images , etc. Our first module will teach you how to give presentations (in English) as this is an important skill for this class (and other classes too!).

This course will include culture, general knowledge about many subjects such as history, geography, politics, social issues, news and current events as well as literature.

In premier there are two themes:

  •  The Imaginary – including creative and visionary works, the Gothic genre and Dystopias.
  •  Meeting Others – including romance, friendship, confrontation and differences.

In terminale there are three:

  • Art & debate of ideas
  • Art which raises debate
  • the art of debating

The themes will be studied in relation to different supports, books, but also films, poetry, art, documentaries, newspaper articles, speeches, songs, etc.

Some of the media we will study for the Imaginary may include for example The Chronicles of Narnia, Harry Potter, Shakespeare, Frankenstein,Game of Thrones, science fiction, 2001 Space Odyssey, texts from the Economist, New Statesman, Dracula, 1984, The Handmaid’s Tale, Black Mirror, …

For Meeting Others we may study To Kill a Mockingbird, Of Mice and Men the Strange Incident of the Dog in the Night, Lord of the Flies, paintings by Edward Hopper, dance, the films The Breakfast Club, Dead Poet’s society, Invictus, …

There are guidelines but no set texts, I will suggest texts but you are encouraged to suggest your own ideas too.

You will also be expected to include your own choices and documents in your dossier. We will  read two books during the year, and the rest of the documents will be in the form of summaries and extracts from books or newspapers, internet,  poems, artwork, films, etc.

Why do this course?

 If you do the necessary work and speak English in classyou will probably have the necessary level to study at an English speaking university.

Even if you don’t plan on studying in English many universities, management and hotel schools expect a good level of English (IELTS 7.5-8).

As you know, a good level of English is a must in most jobs, 4 extra hours a week in premier (and 6 extra hours in terminale) will help here.

This class provides thegeneral cultureyou will need for job interviews, important meetings and networking.

The presentation skillsyou will learn will help in your other subjects – including “le Grand Oral”.

How will you learn?

To start I will help you learn how to present and analyse documents but later you will be expected to do personal researchand projects and work in groups, presenting subjects to these groups and the whole class.

You will present your personal choice of documents in realation to the themes,  but I can give you ideas if necessary.

I encourage autonomous learning and the programme is varied enough for you to be able to research areas that interest you particularly.

I encourage differentiation and this class will be a platform for different kinds of production – oral, written, film, etc.

You will be evaluated in all the skills – reading, writing, listening, speaking in presentations and dialogues as well as subject knowledge and analyse.

It is important to have an open learning attitude in this class, you progress by speaking English and making lots of errors, NOT by waiting until you are perfect to start speaking !

LLCE information – this is a word document containing the information above for you to download or print if you wish.

If you have any questions – ask me!