Cambridge Young Learners!

The Cambridge Young Learners exams take place at the Lycée on Friday 8th May.

You’ve all been revising for the last few weeks and are familiar with the exam format and the vocabulary you need so DON’T PANIC!

If you want to do some extra revision then look here:

Why not try the Monkey puzzle app

Remember, if you have any questions then ASK ME!

Good Luck!

How are the holidays going?


Hope you’re having a good holiday. Remember it’s important to relax and take it easy,

but it’s also important not to forget all you’ve learnt this year.

So why not try some fun ways to practice your English?

– Learn English Kids is a great site for younger learners, and Learn English Teens is good for older learners.

– Think a diary: you’re on holiday so no need to write if you don’t want to, but as you go through the day, or in the evening just before you sleep, try and remember as many English words as you can to describe your day.

-Send a postcard to Mrs Harris! – I love getting postcards and we can put it in the class when we get back, send it to:

Mrs Harris

Lycée Rodolphe Topffer,

21, Avenue Eugene Pittard,

1206 Geneva,


Or just bring it to school on the first day back!

Whatever you decide to do, enjoy the rest of the holidays!