100 Word Challenge Week #19

Lobna in class 4B Has written this week’s story, using the words we were given: pink, bicycle, gorilla, laughed, grand…

« Saturday morning, I went to the zoo with my friends. It was a beautiful shiny day. I wanted to visit a Gorilla because I’ve never seen one before. So, I rode my bicycle to the gorilla cage. I laughed so hard when I saw my best friend trembling with fear while feeding the Gorilla. The guardian was so funny because he was wearing a pink gorilla shirt. Then, we took a lot of photos with most of the animals in the zoo like giraffes, dolphins, monkeys and even with lions .It was really a grand day at the zoo. »




3ème Charity Project

Here’s the criteria for your next project:

You must create an advertisement (poster or film) for a real charity.

You must include the following:

Information on the Charity – when it was created, what it does, etc.   /5

What can the public do to help? – donate, give time, do a sponsored race, etc.  /5

Persuade people to help  /3

Use of English    /5

Style & quality of project   /2

Effort and work   /2

Remember YOU will be marking each other’s work NEXT FRIDAY in class.


This week…

This week we have lots to do:

CM1 – Evaluation on transport

CM2 – Weather and the past tense

(also both Primary classes are going to have some fun with phonemes this week!)

6ème will be using prepositions to describe their bedroom,

5ème will be talking about summer camp and Indians,

4ème will be looking at the story of the Mayflower and American history,

3ème will be researching and talking about charities.

The 100 word Challenge

This will be obligatory for the 4ème this week, but anyone is welcome to join in.

Either send me your text or put it directly on the website 100wc.net

Last week there were 1,310 entries!

The prompt this week needs you to put these 5 words into your writing somewhere.


They can be in any order but all 5 must be there.

If you can use your IT skills to highlight them, it would really help your readers see that you have included them all.

That means your piece should be  about 105 words long.

In case you’re wondering about the picture, I went to a conference for English teachers this week in Thun, this is a photo of the castle and lake of this Swiss town.

Have a great week,




100 Word Challenge #18bis!

Again I couldn’t decide which story to enter in the 100 Word Challenge, so I’m entering two!

This one is by Eleazar in 3ème:

It was when I still was superintendent. I had been researching the teacher who killed all his class in primary school for more than 10 months. But I couldn’t give up for one reason : my daughter was in her class. I had seen her many times so I knew I would be able to recognize her. This day I was walking in a strange street. I can’t remember why. But when I saw this pair of pink ballet shoes I remembered one little but crucial thing: this teacher used to wear them. In fact they was her only pair of shoes. I immediately called the police and told them to send my men to this address. I looked carefully at this strange red wooden house. There was nothing in but a ladder. I decided to enter. The door wasn’t locked. I turned the handle. I entered. She was there …

100 Word Challenge #18

This week we were given a picture prompt  by 100 Word Challenge. I recieved some great work, here’s Nour’s:

Yesterday, my mom sent me grocery shopping because we were out of butter, and she needed butter for her lemon cake. So I went. At the store, I grabbed the butter along with a pack of chips really fast to come back faster but it was useless since the cashier took 3 hours to check out this stuff.
On the way back home I walked along the Meyer’s house. Maggie’s house.
We used to spend hours dressing up Barbies and arguing about who’d get to wear the rainbow puffy skirt (well, actually, whose Barbie’d get to wear the rainbow puffy skirt.)
But the past has passed.
I sighed and continued walking, the perspective of a good cake making me happy.

This week…


This week is going to be quite short for those of you going to ski camp, don’t worry – you’ll still have time to learn lots of English!

CM1 – We’ll look at transport.

CM2 – We’ll read about a trip to the cinema and talk about films.

6ème- Describing your house & bedroom using prepositions.

5ème – Chores & Obligations.

4ème- I’m looking forward to you bringing recipes and some yummy food, and we’ll read about the Mayflower.

3ème- We’ll revise have been +ing (did you notice I gave you the wrong exercises?!), and look at being a fan. I can’t wait to hear your oral presentations of your favourite song/singer.

100 Word Challenge

The 3ème will be doing the challenge this week, you have until Thursday to send me your texts. This week has a photo prompt, look carefully at this:



and write your text about it.

For those of you who have already been on the ski camp, here’s a little souvenir !



Finally, remember your teachers are still observing each other’s classes, so don’t be surprised to find an extra « pupil » in your class this week.

Have a good week!


100 Word Challenge #17 bis

I’ve received so many great stories this week, that I can’t choose just one, so here’s another one using this week’s prompt:

…and the custard tasted like…

This one is from Douglas Rufino in class 4A.

I was painting the wall because we had a big party with my family, and I wanted it to be nice. My mother was cooking a big meal. The desert was a cake with custard. But while I was painting the wall, my dog bumped into the ladder. The ladder fell, I broke my leg but the important part is that some of the paint fell into the custard. I didn’t want to tell my mother because she worked hard to make it.  In the evening when my family finished the meal my mother went to get the desert. All the family looked at the custard and they all said « it looks delicious! » at the end of the desert all my family asked my mother how  she had made the custard because the custard tasted like banana. They all said it was a delicious custard.