Finally it’s the holidays!

You’ve worked well all term and deserve a break.

I hope you all have a wonderful holiday and that Santa brings you some lovely things.

Relax, take it esay & see you next year!





This week…


…will be a short one!

Primary – some Christmas fun!

6ème possessive’s and vocabulary revision.

5ème – quantifiers, Ireland and you’ll make a film about what you’ve learnt this term.

4ème –  a film maybe?

3ème – what kind of teacher would give you a test on the last lesson before the holidays? 😉

Whatever class you’re in, I hope the last few days aren’t too hard for you, and remember, you better be good this week, Santa’s watching you!


This week…


Primary – both classes have evaluations, CM1 on face & body, CM2 on body & illnesses. Then CM1 look at family and CM2 at hobbies.

6èmes- possessions and the possessive ‘s.

5èmes – test on the preterit on Wednesday, then we’ll be talking about yummy English food 🙂

4èmes – test on past be&ing and then family trees.

3èmes – have to and the GBR. (What’s the GBR??)

Everyone who has a homework joker left over from the first term or who got 20/20 in a test gets a sweetie – so make sure you clean your teeth when you get home!

Have a fab week!


this week…



Back to normal at last at lycée Topffer!

Primary – face and body

6ème – descriptions and « have got »

5ème – the past

4ème -you will be teaching grammar to your classmates this week, and then looking at the past be + ING,

3ème – water sports and « want to ».

Next Saturday is the « escalade » race in Geneva  old town, I’ll be there for « la Marmite », with the charity courir ensemble which runs to help children with cancer.

Don’t forget you aren’t on holiday yet and your teachers are writing your reports this week!

See you tomorrow!