This week…


…will be a short one!

Primary – some Christmas fun!

6ème possessive’s and vocabulary revision.

5ème – quantifiers, Ireland and you’ll make a film about what you’ve learnt this term.

4ème –  a film maybe?

3ème – what kind of teacher would give you a test on the last lesson before the holidays? 😉

Whatever class you’re in, I hope the last few days aren’t too hard for you, and remember, you better be good this week, Santa’s watching you!


This week…


Primary – both classes have evaluations, CM1 on face & body, CM2 on body & illnesses. Then CM1 look at family and CM2 at hobbies.

6èmes- possessions and the possessive ‘s.

5èmes – test on the preterit on Wednesday, then we’ll be talking about yummy English food 🙂

4èmes – test on past be&ing and then family trees.

3èmes – have to and the GBR. (What’s the GBR??)

Everyone who has a homework joker left over from the first term or who got 20/20 in a test gets a sweetie – so make sure you clean your teeth when you get home!

Have a fab week!