Cambridge exams

As you know the Cambridge examiner is coming this FRIDAY 2nd May.

Here are the times for the exams, I will be there and you can come and see me any time this week if you have any questions.

Try not to be nervous- you all have a very good level and you just need to show the examiner how good you are!
Enjoy it!



This week…

Welcome back! I hope you had a good holiday! What did you do? Where did you go?

Guess where I went…



…and what I ate…



Anyway, it’s time to get back to work!

This week is going to be VERY BUSY!

Our Cambridge examiner is coming on Friday to do the Young learners’ tests so I hope you are ready!

Primary, 6ème and 5ème will all be doing practice tests this week for Cambridge and I’m available at lunchtimes if you want any extra practice.

CM1 will continue looking at classroom vocab,

CM2 will correct their last test and talk about what they did in the holidays, and towns,

6ème will recieve the next vocabulary list and learn about permission and obligations,

5ème will correct a test and talk about things happening in the past (using past of be + ING)

4ème will start preparing their USA presentation at home and tal about New York in class,

3ème have a practical first aid class with myself and Mr Favre and will create a wikipedia page on the school,

Anglophones will continue their epic novel, and think about how they are going to present it.

So, like I said, a busy week – just the way I like it – fab!



First Aid with the 3èmes

The troisième had the first in a series of lessons on first aid just before the holidays.

They will be looking at how to help others with myself and Mr Favre in S.V.T. ( biology).

So last lesson we looked mainly at the theory and English vocabulary to use, although a few pupils were willing models for me to practice on, and some were not so willing too!

Then we looked at this excellent advert which explains what to do in the case of cardiac arrest:

Happy Holidays!

Two weeks holidays – hip hip hoorah!

Don’t forget there are loads of ways to practice your English on holidays:

– Write your diary in English.

– Write your facebook status in English.

-Learn some new English songs.

– Watch an English language film ( you can use French subtitles if you need to!)

– Go through your house, or look round your room, name everything you can see in English.

– Think about what you are doing, can you say it in English?

-Find an English blog or website about your favourite hobby or passion.

or finally, send me a message on facebook or a postcard in English!

Have a great holiday & see you soon!



4eme : Oral Presentation – the USA

Your next presentation is on the USA.

Both classes have chosen different self-assessment criteria, however I will expect you to do the following:

-choose your subject
-research information & images
-write NOTES
-prepare and practice the oral presentation
-prepare poster or powerpoint (relember the t-shirt rule!)

On the day present your subject clearly, don’t speak too fast, use intonation, and NO paper to read; you can write your notes on the board if you need to.

Enjoy it 🙂