Happy Halloween!

I hope you will have fun and lots of sweets today!

If you want to try some games then go to The British Council site here

If you want an extra joker then write about something SCARY! – 100 words minimum!

See you on Monday!

Welcome back to school!

Did you have a good holiday? I hope so, I did. I went to some great places, have a look…

To win a free joker this week answer the following questions:


  1. Which famous school did I visit? (clue – not Lycée Töpffer!)


2. What is the name of this famous tower? (clue it’s not what you might think!)


3. Name a film which takes place in this museum (clue – I also left this city from a station with the same name).


4. Which famous boy is this? (clue – he never grows up AND I saw him at the cinema this week too!)


6. Which famous football stadium did I visit?


7. What is the name of this monument?


8. What did I have for breakfast?

9. What is the name of the city I visited?

10. Name one other famous place in this city.

Send me a mail or give me your answers before Friday 30th October.