Welcome back to school!

Did you have a good holiday? I hope so, I did. I went to some great places, have a look…

To win a free joker this week answer the following questions:


  1. Which famous school did I visit? (clue – not Lycée Töpffer!)


2. What is the name of this famous tower? (clue it’s not what you might think!)


3. Name a film which takes place in this museum (clue – I also left this city from a station with the same name).


4. Which famous boy is this? (clue – he never grows up AND I saw him at the cinema this week too!)


6. Which famous football stadium did I visit?


7. What is the name of this monument?


8. What did I have for breakfast?

9. What is the name of the city I visited?

10. Name one other famous place in this city.

Send me a mail or give me your answers before Friday 30th October.

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