Welcome to the Vlog!

Hi as you can see up there in the top right corner, we have started a Topffer blog. All students are welcome to come and talk about a subject that interests them.

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Here’s our first one! –

Book Club

Once a month we eat together in room 9 and talk about our favourite books, in French, English, Russian, whatever language you prefer! 

Last week we talked about how easy it is for American kids to just disappear on road trips in John Green’s books an abundance of Katherines and Paper Town.

Our next meeting is on June 4th, so come and join us! You can choose from any of the following books;

Qui es-tu Alaska?

100 jours en enfer

Oscar et la dame rose

Le livre de Stella Muhler

Cheval de guerre

Les momies de Cléopatre

You can also talk about your book that you read for your « fiche de lecture ».

See you there! 

Poetry Day

Today the anglophone class are writing haiku to celebrate Poetry Day,



Here is some of their work:

She’s a good teacher

She has a good writing

This is Mrs Harris


The scary and cold

forest which I went in was

really scary!


Life is difficult

You need to trust in yourself

and stay who you are.


I was speaking in

class so I got detention.

It was horrible.


I avoided a

branch while skiing and got hurt

’cause I am clumsy.


Friends are really nice

but sometimes they let you down

but they are still your friends.


It’s Easter today

get some eggs in the garden

Now, go and get them!


When you go to school

You should always have your books

and to concentrate.


School is worth our time

It may not seem so, at times

but mum says it is.

(Anna Sofia)

Which is your favourite?