Happy birthday to me!

This blog is one year old today!

Since I set it up we’ve had over 6,000 views, from lots of different countries.

I know a lot of you use it to find work you have missed and check what you need revise, there are a lot of views before your tests!

As I’m sure you’ve seen, you have all your vocab lists, grammar lessons and lots of examples of work you have done.

What I need to know now is what else? Is there anything you would like to see on this website that isn’t here?


5ème Oral Exam


You and your partner will ask each other questions about :


– Classroom

– Chores & Obligations

– Sports & Talents (can)

– Comparing you and someone else

– Physical description


– Illnesses

– Food & English breakfast

– Family

– Describe a scene (be &ING)

– United Kingdom


-Saint Patrick


-Summe Camp



– pocket money


-Places you have visited

6ème Oral exam


You and your partner will ask questions about :

– Classroom

– nationalities & languages

– Clothes

– Family & friends

– Jobs

– Animals & Pets

– Physical descriptions

– Food

– School Rules

– Hobbies & Sport

– TV


-Last Weekend

– Holiday Plans

Imagine the questions and prepare your answers.

3ème Oral exam


You and your partner will take it in turns asking each other questions on the following subjects:

-Your passions & Hobbies

-personality & character

– physical decription

-describe a film

-New York


-The sea, boats & safet




– fans



-health & injuries

-First Aid

– New technologies

– inventions

– websites

Imagine what the questions will be and prepare your answers.


4eme Oral subjects


You will do the exam with a classmate, you will take it in turns taking cards on which questions about the following subjects are written:

– descriptions, physical, character and hobbies
-social & school rules
-food & junk food
– tube & street directions
-oyster card
– describing your home
– places in town & transport
-things to do in London
– someone you admire
– ancestors & family
-U.S. Food
-the Mayflower & settlers
– the Environment
-Summer camp
-U.S. Independence
-recent events
-life experiences
-J8 ideas
-New York

You will ask each other questions and develop a dialogue on these subjects.
This is 20 % of your end of term exam, so don’t hesitate to ask for extra lessons on Friday if you want.
If your partner is absent I will ask you the questions and discuss them with you.

This week…


After a wonderful day yesterday meeting old pupils and parents, it’s time to get back to work.

CM1 – hobbies & food

CM2  – evaluation -Town & the world around us

6ème – going to future

5ème – test Past&ING & illness

4ème – test conditionals

3ème – creating our own wikipedia page


Don’t forget I won’t be here next week, I’m off to Naples with the 4ème, 3ème and 2nd, then it’s a long weekend off for Ascension.

Have a great Sunday, enjoy the sun!





This week…

This week is going to be a busy one; starting with our TRINITY GESE exams on Monday!


3ème have a test – that they have written themselves, that can’t be too difficult, can it?!

4ème – conditionals and world affairs

5èmes – past be +ING

6ème – test on some/any/rules and preterit

CM2 – town

CM1 Sports and Hobbies

See you soon,



100 word challenge#31

Here’s Helen’s writing for this week’s prompt – which is the pictue below:

This was my first lesson of “monster hunting” and my assignment was to catch a giant bumblebee that had been terrifying the neighbourhood for several weeks. My friend Bill and I searched the whole town for hours, when we suddenly heard a weird and loud noise behind us. We turned around and saw a huge UFO crashing. We came closer and realised that it was our monster already dead. That is when Bill got the bright idea to stage a fight with the bee. He took a picture of me striking down the disgusting bumblebee and posted it on instagram.



This week…


I see you were all too busy revising your vocab to come and support your poor, tired, limping English teacher!

This week you’ll do lots of work and I’ll sit down a lot, apart from Tuesday afternoon as that’s the school cross country race!

3ème – will be tested on their first aid and conduct their job interviews.

4ème – will give their USA presentations and continue looking at conditionals

5ème -will look at beach vocab, to practice for this summer! They will also study the past BE +ING

6ème – permission & rules

CM2 – town

CM1-finish classroom & evaluation

anglophones – will continue with thier epic novel

I’m now going to lie down again while you prepare for tomorrow 🙂



100 word challenge #30

The 100 word challenge is back after the holidays, here’s Noemie’s text for this week:

The holidays had just began, when he started his first day of work. This city wass dead, there was almost nobody in the street and the weather was as gloomy as ever. And nothing important has ever happened.
As he finished eating his breakfast, he took the keys of his car and went to work. Yes, this man is a policeman. Unfortunatly, in a city where nothing happens, this kind of job isn’t the most interesting. They had been on the death of Mme. Dellarue for two months, even though she was dead of natural causes, a sickness.
When he entered in his office, he turned on the light, put the bag on the chair and started his computer. But to do what? There was nothing to do. So he looked in his cupboard to see if his secretary had anything for him to do ; and when he oppened the cupboard door, he saw…. that nothing was inside, as every day. Yes, in this city there really is nothing happening.

Why not take a look at the other work  here?