How tall are you?


The 5ème measured themselves today, Sephora is as tall as Mrs Harris and Calysta is smaller than Tiu.

Let’s see if they are taller in June!

This week’s work and free joker!


I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, if you want to win a free joker this week you must be the first person to send me a text of 100 words including the following phrase:

…as I looked around…

That’s not too hard is it?!

This week we are doing lots of fun things, the 6ème have a test on the present so I hope you are all revising!

The 5ème will be doing another oral presentation, this time about your favourite star, shall I film you this time?

The 4ème have a test about social codes, can you remember what to do when you meet an English person?

The 3ème will be talking about films, shall we watch one? What would you like to see?

The AEP  Monday class will be  building bridges and the Tuesday class will be presenting their islands and creating their world, I can’t wait to see what they will be like!

I haven’t forgotten te primary classes, they will be looking at nationalities (CM1) and action verbs (CM2).

All of you should revise your vocabulary and lessons regularly, I hope you are happy and have a routine for your school work now, if you have any problems or questions then please contact me, remember…


100 word challenge!

This week’s offering is from Yoan;

It was in 2010, Mrs Harris was playing soft ball with Mr Vescovi. He ate a sandwich with some pepper and cheese. Mrs Harris was very hungry and Mr Vescovi won’t share his Sandwich. But Mr Vescovi remembered he forgot his mobile phone,so he returned home and came back to the soft ball arena. Suddenly a BIG crocodile jumped out and ate the orange bag of Mr Vescovi… He was sad because this bag was his favorite object!

Mrs Harris was verry happy to see Mr Vescovi sad ( 🙂 ), But while Mr Vescovi was crying Mrs.Harris threw a ball at Mr.Vescovi.

This week… your free joker!

If you want a free joker, write 100 words using this picture  - as your prompt.

This week some of you are doing a via ferrata on Friday afternoon, I wish I could come with you but I’m going to give a talk at a teaching conference in Brugg, Switzerland.

CM1 will learn classroom vocabulary,

CM2 will learn more description words – and have an evaluation on Tuesday,

6ème have a test on Tuesday and will study the present simple,

5ème  have a test Tuesday and will revise the present,

4ème also have a test on Tuesday (aren’t I mean?!) and will look at how to describe people,

3ème have a test, on Friday this time and will practise their classroom English – that’ll help with No French Fridays!

AEP Monday – Digital safety, shall we study the tree octopus again?

AEP Tuesday – I can’t wait to see the animals you have created, and if we have time we’ll populate our islands too.

Remember to revise regularly, don’t wait until you have a test, and ask me if you have any questions

Have a FAB week!


This Week…


No time for fun and games this week, we’ll be very busy!

Primary: your first tests, then CM1 will learn CLOTHES words and CM2 FAMILY.

6ème : BE & nationalities

5ème : Have got, Can & Must, hobbies & passions

4ème : Presenting yourself, what ARE you like? What DO you like?

3ème : Classroom vocab & your ZODIAC sign

AEP : Learning to Learn & Animals for your island


ALL of you will have your first vocabulary test, Monday for Primary, Tuesday for 6ème, 5ème & 4ème, Friday for 3ème, Monday lunchtime the 6ème will have their prizes… and see some great photos, and THURSDAY is  a holiday! – What a fab week it’s going to be!

See you tomorrow!





100 Word Challenge – back again!

I know you missed it during the holidays, here is our contribution for this week, written by TRISTAN, in 4ème:

After two months on vacation  I went to Malta to learn  English for 3 weeks but I speak  Italian too.
After Malta I went to my home for just 2 weeks and celebrated my birthday. 
After these two weeks I went to visit my grand-parents in France in Vendee.
My cousin joined me in my grand-parents’ for just 3 days. 1 day after I fought with my brother and I broke my arm, I slept 2 nights in the hospital before coming home. My family returned to Switzerland
as I had to start school. And I missed you so much that finally we can make start in your lessons.