This Week…


No time for fun and games this week, we’ll be very busy!

Primary: your first tests, then CM1 will learn CLOTHES words and CM2 FAMILY.

6ème : BE & nationalities

5ème : Have got, Can & Must, hobbies & passions

4ème : Presenting yourself, what ARE you like? What DO you like?

3ème : Classroom vocab & your ZODIAC sign

AEP : Learning to Learn & Animals for your island


ALL of you will have your first vocabulary test, Monday for Primary, Tuesday for 6ème, 5ème & 4ème, Friday for 3ème, Monday lunchtime the 6ème will have their prizes… and see some great photos, and THURSDAY is  a holiday! – What a fab week it’s going to be!

See you tomorrow!





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