Practising Prepositions!

The 6emes had great fun today trying to describe a picture on the board to their partner,


The hardest part was sitting on our hands!

You can pracise too, here are our pictures:




Leave your description in the comments!

This week…

…exam hell continues for the first half of the week, except the primaries,they’ll be looking at a well-known nursery tale, can you guess which one? (clue: famous clothing, basket, furry grey animal, old lady….)

The rest of the week we’ll be correcting the exams, and looking at how to improve learning strategy – the term isn’t finished yet!

The 3eme will be studying water sports and activities.

The 4eme will all be teaching in class – I’m too tired after the exams!

The 5eme will be looking at ways to raise money for our school charity project – more about that later.

The 6eme will continue learning about shops and directions.

As for me, I’d better get on with this:


How can I train my cat?

As I lay in bed this morning dreaming about correcting exams, Harry (one of my cats) jumped on the bed to lick my nose as he does every morning.
I whispered in his ear –  » Put the kettle on, Harry, kettle, go on, good cat ».
No luck, Harry just lay down on top of me a went to sleep.
So, I decided to call in the experts – my pupils.
How can I train Harry to put the kettle on?
Put your answers in the comments below.
Every idea wins a joker, the best one wins a prize.


The « Trims »

Your end of term exams are coming, so here is some advice about how to revise effectively.

Every class has the same exam:

Part 1 – Listening – you will listen to the CD and write the answers on your exam paper.

Part 2 – Vocabulary – you will be tested on 60 words that come from vocab lists 1-11

Part 3 – ICD – you will do exercises on every ICD we have done, for most classes this is ICD 4-11.

Part 4 – Expression – you will write about a subject studied in class, ex. presentations, descriptions, hobbies, films, depending on your class.


You have a lot of exams so it is important to be organised and DON’T PANIC!!

* Revise 30 minutes the take a break for 2-5 minutes.

*Reread your lessons and vocab lists.

*Ask if there is anything you don’t understand.

*Do the checklist at the end of the chapter in the workbook – if you can do this you can pass the exam easily.

*Do the exercises in the book, at the end of the chapter and in the grammar bank.

*Ask for revision exercises if you want more.

*Draw a spidergram of what you have learnt.

*Write your vocab on cards with the translation on the back.

*Draw a picture of every word you don’t know.

* Use mnemonics to remember – SANV = sans anglais, NUL VICTOIRE!

* Do exercises & games on the internet, ex.

* Download apps to revise, ex. Grammar in Use.

*Get plenty of sleep.

* Do lots of sport.

* Eat healthy food, not junk food.

* Explain to someone what you have learnt and revised every day.

*Buy some chocolate for Mrs Harris! – This might not improve your result but at least we will have something nice to eat while I help you revise!






This week…


Primary : We will get ready to send our flat Stanley letters, CM1 have an evaluation on clothes & prepositions, CM2 will learn how to tell a pirate story.

6ème : We’ll learn about about prices and articles and have a listening comprehension test Thursday.

5ème : You will give me the first part of your yearbook, we’ll look at Ireland and the present simple, we’ll also revise the comparative forms – you need to after your test results!

4ème : I’ll send your questions to some anglophones and we will look at describing our homes.

3ème : we’ll have a test on present perfect and the past tense, then we’ll look at New Zealand – to celebrate the victory of the All Blacks against France this weekend, would you like to learn how to do a Haka?!

Monday is a holiday in France a special day in England, why? What flower is a symbol of this day and why?

This week…

This week in English class:

Primary : CM1 will study prepositions and question words and we’ll all start reading « Flat Stanley ».

6ème : singular & plural nouns, talking about where you live. Don’t forget TEST 3 on Thursday!

5ème: TEST 3 on Wednesday, then we’ll be looking at the United Kingdom.

4ème : on Tuesday you’ll be doing your oral presentation on tube directions, then we’ll look at street directions and London.

3ème : On Monday you’ll hand in your film project – I’m really looking forward to seeing what you produce, the we’ll be using the present perfect and past simple tenses to talk about famous producers, oh and don’t forget – on Thursday I’ll be chatting to your parents!

I will be correctig your ring binders and workbooks this week.

What is the flower in the picture and why is it important this week?

See you soon,