This week…


Primary : We will get ready to send our flat Stanley letters, CM1 have an evaluation on clothes & prepositions, CM2 will learn how to tell a pirate story.

6ème : We’ll learn about about prices and articles and have a listening comprehension test Thursday.

5ème : You will give me the first part of your yearbook, we’ll look at Ireland and the present simple, we’ll also revise the comparative forms – you need to after your test results!

4ème : I’ll send your questions to some anglophones and we will look at describing our homes.

3ème : we’ll have a test on present perfect and the past tense, then we’ll look at New Zealand – to celebrate the victory of the All Blacks against France this weekend, would you like to learn how to do a Haka?!

Monday is a holiday in France a special day in England, why? What flower is a symbol of this day and why?

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