The « Trims »

Your end of term exams are coming, so here is some advice about how to revise effectively.

Every class has the same exam:

Part 1 – Listening – you will listen to the CD and write the answers on your exam paper.

Part 2 – Vocabulary – you will be tested on 60 words that come from vocab lists 1-11

Part 3 – ICD – you will do exercises on every ICD we have done, for most classes this is ICD 4-11.

Part 4 – Expression – you will write about a subject studied in class, ex. presentations, descriptions, hobbies, films, depending on your class.


You have a lot of exams so it is important to be organised and DON’T PANIC!!

* Revise 30 minutes the take a break for 2-5 minutes.

*Reread your lessons and vocab lists.

*Ask if there is anything you don’t understand.

*Do the checklist at the end of the chapter in the workbook – if you can do this you can pass the exam easily.

*Do the exercises in the book, at the end of the chapter and in the grammar bank.

*Ask for revision exercises if you want more.

*Draw a spidergram of what you have learnt.

*Write your vocab on cards with the translation on the back.

*Draw a picture of every word you don’t know.

* Use mnemonics to remember – SANV = sans anglais, NUL VICTOIRE!

* Do exercises & games on the internet, ex.

* Download apps to revise, ex. Grammar in Use.

*Get plenty of sleep.

* Do lots of sport.

* Eat healthy food, not junk food.

* Explain to someone what you have learnt and revised every day.

*Buy some chocolate for Mrs Harris! – This might not improve your result but at least we will have something nice to eat while I help you revise!






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