How can I train my cat?

As I lay in bed this morning dreaming about correcting exams, Harry (one of my cats) jumped on the bed to lick my nose as he does every morning.
I whispered in his ear –  » Put the kettle on, Harry, kettle, go on, good cat ».
No luck, Harry just lay down on top of me a went to sleep.
So, I decided to call in the experts – my pupils.
How can I train Harry to put the kettle on?
Put your answers in the comments below.
Every idea wins a joker, the best one wins a prize.


6 réflexions sur “How can I train my cat?

  1. Valeska

    The best way would probably be to re-invent the brains of cats; but seeing as that is slightly … well … impossible, i’d say hire a hypontist to make him turn on the kettle; although i warn you; mesmorized cats can get rabies and turn against the world in an ultimate plan to obliterate all human beings and have CATS rule the world… O.O No, not on broadway.. Cats as in domestic animals.

      1. Valeska

        Well it’s certainly a cheaper idea! 🙂 And a really good one, i’d actually want to know if that could work!!

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