6ème « Getting to know you » afternoon

It’s not exactly English but we had such a fun time on Friday that I must share this moment with you!

How to prepare your oral exam

Read the textbook, practise with your partner or your family.

The subjects for the 6ème can be found  here

5ème revise here: https://fabenglishteacher.com/2014/05/22/5eme-oral-exam/

The 4ème subjects can be found here: https://fabenglishteacher.com/2014/05/20/4eme-oral-subjects/

and the 3ème should revise these topics :  https://fabenglishteacher.com/2014/05/22/3eme-oral-exam/

Here is a copy of the mark sheet I will use:

Oral Evaluation Term 3 2015

Name :

Class :

Date :

Total & Observation:

Dialogue :     /5

  • Student understands question and responds appropriately
  • Students asks extra questions and reacts to partner, e.g. “Oh you like tennis? I prefer football, did you watch the Swiss world cup match last weekend?”
  • Students helps partner, e.g. reformulating questions if partner doesn’t understand

Pronunciation:       /5

  • Student speaks clearly and can be understood
  • Student pronounces individual words well
  • Student uses appropriate intonation, especially in questions


Grammar:       /5

  • Student uses a variety of relevant tenses and grammar items
  • Student correctly uses grammar items studied in class this year

Vocabulary:       /5

  • Student uses a variety of lexical items
  • Student correctly uses lexical items studied in class this year
  • Student uses synonyms instead of repeating partner

Remember you can ask your teacher if you have any questions!

Trim Oral Exams

Your oral exam is on 16th or 17th June.

Each class has the same exam; in pairs you will take questions from a box and ask and answer them.

The questions are about the subjects you have studied this year; clothes, hobbies, countries, character, etc.

Your result depends on:


-Correct grammar

-Correct vocabulary

– Having a conversation – DON’T INTERROGATE YOUR PARTNER!



8:15- Jeremy & Sasha

8:25-Alessia & Maria D.

8:35-Maxime & Pavel

8:45-Nurzhamila & Mariya P.

8:55-Victoria & Sofya

9:10- Olga & Rania

9:20- Polina & Tom

9:30- Amandine & Luna

9:40-Mathilda & Léa



9:50- Nicolas A. & Danny

10:15-Arthur & Axel

10:25-Marie & Tiu

10:35-Mara & Anna

10:45-Alexander & Nicolas W.

11:00-Morgane & Calysta

11:10-Laura & Séphora

11:20-Clara & Pierre V

11:30-Maximillien & Fluvia

11:40- Camille & Charlotte

11:50-Lucie & Monia

13:10-Jeremy & Pierre B.

13:20-Amélia & Valéria

13:30-Thomas & Enzo

13:40-Mamy & Stella

13:50-Léa & Kevin

14:05- Zoé & Léa




8:15-Yoan & Antoine

8:25- Matthis D. & Mathis M.

8:35-Tristan & Gaia

8:45-Laetitia & Ashley

8:55-Sarah & Paloma

9:10-Mathew & Quentin

9:20-Svetlana & Lauren

9:30-Naumi & Alexander

9:40-Candice & Sacha

9:50-Matvei & Jon

10:15-Hugo & Matvei

10:25-Leila & Katya



10:35-Luis & Issam

10:45-Lenny & Benoit

11:00-Lobna & Elodie

11:10-Nikita & Julien

11:20-Jeremy & Max

11:30- Amélia & Clara

11:40-Maria & Alexis

11:50- Vladimir & Sebastien

13:10-Victoria & Carol-Ann

13:20-Georgy & Victoria

13:30-Léa & Salma


Book Club

Once a month we eat together in room 9 and talk about our favourite books, in French, English, Russian, whatever language you prefer! 

Last week we talked about how easy it is for American kids to just disappear on road trips in John Green’s books an abundance of Katherines and Paper Town.

Our next meeting is on June 4th, so come and join us! You can choose from any of the following books;

Qui es-tu Alaska?

100 jours en enfer

Oscar et la dame rose

Le livre de Stella Muhler

Cheval de guerre

Les momies de Cléopatre

You can also talk about your book that you read for your « fiche de lecture ».

See you there! 

6ème Oral exam


You and your partner will ask questions about :

– Classroom

– nationalities & languages

– Clothes

– Family & friends

– Jobs

– Animals & Pets

– Physical descriptions

– Food

– School Rules

– Hobbies & Sport

– TV


-Last Weekend

– Holiday Plans

Imagine the questions and prepare your answers.