Back to School!

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Hi! I can’t wait to see you all! I’m busy updating this site so it will have all you need for a successful year full of fun and learning!

Strange Times


Many of us are feeling strange at the moment, we were happy when school closed, but now we realise this isn’t a holiday – we can’t go to the cinema or hang out with friends, our parents and teachers say we have to continue learning, our routine has disappeared and we realise we quite liked our routine, it was easy and comfortable.

So what do we do now? Here are some suggestions to make the most of this situation:

1. Get some sleep! Yes you will have chance to sleep a little later in the mornings but keep bedtime reasonable and take this opportunity to catch up on some sleep!

2. Get outside! You can’t hang out in town with your crowd but a bit of exercise, even just a walk, in the fresh air will do you good for your body and brain!

3. Get a Routine! As from Monday morning your teachers will be sending you work regularly, this is a brilliant opportunity to try out modern learning techniques and work more at your own speed.

4. Keep in touch!Everyday I’ll be in my virtual classroom in Zoom to share a chat and a cup of tea with you, just click here 

Feel free to contact me by mail or pronote, I’ll be sending you plenty of things to keep you busy 🙂

How are the holidays going? -Keep in touch :)

Basically I’ve spent my holiday so far doing this:


  • I’ve watched Cloud Atlas, Interstellar, the Green Book and I went to the cinema this week to see Yesterday – I definitely recommend it, in fact I recommend them all. Cloud Atlas blew my mind and I need to watch it again, Interstellar made me cry, and so did the Green Book– which is a lovely story about unlikely friendship.

and this:


I’ve read a load of books including A Wrinkle in Time, a children’s book that talks about Einstein’s theory of relativity!

These activities are great ways to keep in touch with English during the holidays, so tell me what you’ve doing to keep up your English, hanging out with English-speaking people? Travelling? Netflix? Let me know here or tag me on instagram @fabenglishteach

Week of 10th September

Everyone got great results in the vocabulary tests last week so keep up the good work! Your ICD grammar lessons are now on this site so take a look and start doing practice exercises for your tests next week.

THIS WEEK’S JOKER = Write FIVE phrases, each using a word from vocabulary list 2.

Don’t forget it’s the school photos this Tuesday, and if you want an extra « appui » English class for Friday afternoon ask me before Wednesday lunch.


Back to School!

Are you ready? – I am! I hope you had a great summer, we have loads of exciting things prepared for this new school year.

If you’re impatient to start practising your English already then you can start by telling me what you did in the holidays in the comment box below.

You can also follow me on instagram and tell me your #3bestbits of your holidays.

Revising during the holidays!

You don’t want to work but your parents want you to? Here are some suggestions:

  1. Netflix in English!

Watch your favourite film/series in V.O. with subtitles.

2. Gaming in English!

Not only are your favourite video games available in English but you can improve your game with a « how to… » clip on youtube.

3. Songs!

All your favourite songs are in English so check out the words on youtube. Here are the words for Drake-One Dance

4. Read a book!

Radical I know, but try the last Harry Potter in English, it’s quite easy as it’s a play script, there’s less detail and so it’s quicker to read than the other books.

5. Quizlet

Maybe not the most exciting thing to do in the holidays, but it’s great for learning vocabulary.



Don’t panic!

Start revising now if you haven’t done so already.

Revise the vocabulary regularly and use quizlet.

Reread the ICD BUT MORE IMPORTANT – do practice exercises in the textbook, at the end of the unit and the end of the book.

For the oral exam prepare and practise the questions (the subjects are on this blog).

Check the list at the end of each unit in the workbook.

Ask for appuis

ASK YOUR TEACHER! – now is the time to ask all your teachers about anything you are not sure about.





If you do all of this, you will be GREAT!

Ready to go back?

Hi everyone, I hope you had a fantastic holiday, I did! For this week’s free joker you need to write four things you think I did in the holidays and four things you think I saw. Here’s a clue:


This week we’ll be doing lots of exciting things, including some strategies to help you learn your vocabulary, and we have our open day on Saturday!

There’s also an extra joker if you tell me what you did in the holidays in the comments box below 🙂

See you soon!