Ready to go back?

Hi everyone, I hope you had a fantastic holiday, I did! For this week’s free joker you need to write four things you think I did in the holidays and four things you think I saw. Here’s a clue:


This week we’ll be doing lots of exciting things, including some strategies to help you learn your vocabulary, and we have our open day on Saturday!

There’s also an extra joker if you tell me what you did in the holidays in the comments box below 🙂

See you soon!

4 réflexions sur “Ready to go back?

  1. Igor

    For my holidays, I went in Crimea, Russia . It was very hot there (about 30’c)
    Everyday I woke up at 6:30 AM to go to the beach at 8:00 AM. I went back at 1:00 PM because from 12:00 PM to 4:00 PM it was VERY hot. once we went to the aquapark it was so cool. the only thing that I didn’t realy like is that we stayed there to 6:00 PM and it was very hot. But I still loved it there was a slide where the person who is taking it went at 40km/h it is so scary. I also went to the cinema and saw a film named <> I saw it when it didn’t come out in Switzerland. I also did some tennis three times a week. I loved my holidays and I’m happy to go back to school.

      1. Igor

        Hello mrs Harris I wrote the name of the film, but it disappeard. The name of the film is ,,Peet and his dragon ». I hope you also past excellent hollidays.


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