STOP PRESS! How to do a film review!

The 3eme have asked how to produce a film review so here you are:

1. Present the film, actors, director, producer, film studio, date etc.
2. What genre is thefilm?
3. Give a brief description of the plot (story)
4. Give your opinion-should we go and watch the film? why?

You can then produce this film review in written form -like a newspaper article, orally – like a radio show, or visually – like a TV programme.

Use a film that really exists, and be as professional as possible.

Any questions? -ask!



3ème Project work – A film review

As you know we’ve been talking about the movie industry in class, so for your next D.N. you can choose to do one (or more!!) of the following:

– Create a poster for a film.

– write a poem telling the story of a film.

-write a film review for a magazine.

-record a film review for a radio programme on audioboo.

– film yourself giving a film review for a TV programme.

Whichever form you choose think carefully about which film to use, your favourite film might not be the best choice.

A poster should look professional, not be on squared paper, attract attention and interest.

A review should present the actors and director, talk about the plot (story) and give your opinion about the film. See here for details.

The poem in English may seem difficult, but simple language can be effective, and poems don’t have to rhyme!

Don’t hesitate to ask for help or ideas,

Enjoy your project,


This week…




As you can see Harry and Popcorn have had a very relaxing week, I hope you have too!

This week we’ll be looking at the photos of Sports day on the school’s facebook page and…

Primary – we’ll be having lots of HALLOWEEN fun!

6ème – you will learn how to talk about your age and your family.

5ème – you will learn how to talk about activities at the moment of speaking and talk some more about my cats!

4ème – we will learn about London and how to give directions.

3ème – we will be describing our favourite stars, talking about what makes a good Bond movie, I’ll also tell you about your next project ( but you can have a look now on your page if you can’t wait!!).

Anglophones – we’ll be looking at a poem called ‘the lesson’, what do you think happens in it?

I’m also looking for some guest contributors, so if you’ve got an idea, or a hobby or a passion, send me a mail about it and I’ll post it for you.


see you very soon,




This Week…



This week in class we’re doing…absolutely nothing!! It’s the holidays!

That doesn’t mean no English for a week,

now is the time to tidy your ring binder,

check you understand your ICD lessons,

do some revision exercises on the internet,

watch some English speaking series in VO,

relax and catch up on some sleep,

do some sport…

…at least those are my plans, what are you going to do?


Whatever you do, have a good holiday & see you next week,


Best wishes,





This Week


Here’s this week’s quiz question.

The primary have an evaluation on Monday, then CM1 will study clothes, and CM2 will look at action verbs.

 6ème will become experts on telling the time.

 5ème will become masters of comparisons and superlative sentences.

4ème have a test on Tuesday, and then we’ll learn more about Jamie Oliverand watch some of his programmes,

We’ll also look at  food in general – shall we play with the objects everyone has given me from the migros??

Of course we’ll have a look at the film you  made last week!

3ème will be able to use the past tense and BOTH present tenses like professional grammaratis for their test.

Then we’ll look at our next project on the cinema, shall we make a film? Write and publish a review? Make a poster? What would you like to do?

Hopefully Friday will be our Sports day, and then… the holidays!!

How has this first half-term gone for you? Come & tell me about t.


Have another great week!