This week…




As you can see Harry and Popcorn have had a very relaxing week, I hope you have too!

This week we’ll be looking at the photos of Sports day on the school’s facebook page and…

Primary – we’ll be having lots of HALLOWEEN fun!

6ème – you will learn how to talk about your age and your family.

5ème – you will learn how to talk about activities at the moment of speaking and talk some more about my cats!

4ème – we will learn about London and how to give directions.

3ème – we will be describing our favourite stars, talking about what makes a good Bond movie, I’ll also tell you about your next project ( but you can have a look now on your page if you can’t wait!!).

Anglophones – we’ll be looking at a poem called ‘the lesson’, what do you think happens in it?

I’m also looking for some guest contributors, so if you’ve got an idea, or a hobby or a passion, send me a mail about it and I’ll post it for you.


see you very soon,




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