One of the things I love about my job is…

… not the exams! (Did you know teachers hate exams at least as much as you do?)

No, one of the things I love is all the cool things we get to do,

like canyoning;



and via ferrata;



Unfortunately I can’t go on ALL the trips the school proposes ( or I wouldn’t have time to teach!!)

However the pupils really enjoy the ski camp;



I’m too claustrophobic to go pot-holing with the 5ème;



but I have been lucky enough to go on some fantastic trips;

to Spain…



and London…



Edinburgh, and Berlin, which was so much fun that even Genial Deutsch was nice to me 😉




It’s not just outside the school that we do some really fun stuff, but I’ll tell you about that another day!

See you soon!






I have a dream

Only fifty years ago you might not have been allowed to attend the same school as your friends, or gone to the cinema with them, or the swimming pool.


Until people stood up, ( and sat down – on buses for example).


One of them was this man:



He said this:

Martin Luther King’s speech

and you can read it here:

US archives – I have a dream speech


Don’t forget.



How do you learn?

As you have seen in « I can do it » sheet 3, we all have different learning styles,

check out these online tests to discover yours: