The Smartest Giant in Town

Today the primary read the story of George, the smartest giant in town.

You don’t need to understand every word to enjoy the story,


I hope you enjoy it.





This Week…



Some of you saw this image this week in class, can you remember where it’s from?

Your teachers will be completing your « bulletin de mi-trimestre » over the next ten days,

remember this when you decide on how much effort to put into your homework and participation!


Talking about participation, in English we will complete your participation sheet, if you haven’t got one you can down load it here.


3ème – oral comprehension test, New York presentation and the preterit.

4ème – modal verbs, School in America, present simple and continuous

5ème – present simple, talents

6ème – present simple,  and the SECRET of the UNIVERSE!!

Primary – story time

anglophones – pronunciataion and vocabulary


…and don’t forget Friday is SPORTS DAY, bring your trainers and a smile 🙂


Have a great week!




3ème Presentation

Hi troisièmes!

You remember today we talked about your presentation that you must give me by MONDAY 7th OCTOBER.

You have chosen your subject, start by planning what you will say and researching some facts.

DO NOT COPY a site or text, I would prefer to hear what you have to say.

When you have prepared and practised your presentation you must record it. You have two options;

1) Audioboo

Register your presentation, think about speaking clearly and using good intonation.

When you are happy with the result send me the link by mail to

2) Woices Prepare your presentation then go to this site, log in, record your « echo » and link it to the place you are talking about.

Then send me a message telling me where to look.

For both these methods use the name LT3eme+your name, eg LT3emefabenglish.

If you have any questions or problems let me know as soon as possible.