This week…




This week the 6ème and the 4ème have tests, and CM1 have an evaluation on Monday,

everyone will have their vocab tests as usual,

6ème will study the present simple and meet the mighty « DO »,

5ème will go to the Notting Hill carnival, meet Kevin and talk about their many talents,

4ème will do their first oral presentation, talk about the weather and social customs,

3ème are off to visit New York and discover the world of moviemaking,

The anglophone class will produce a comic strip and have some fun with film trailers.

I’m also looking forward to meeting the parents of the primary pupils this week.

Now I’m off to do some marking!

See you tomorrow,





5ème Vocab list 2 – Free time activities

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This week in English Class



Hi, here are some of the things we’ll be getting up to this week in class;

everyone (except the primary!) will have their vocab test 2 and be given list 3.



CM1 will be studying classroom vocab,

CM2 will produce a video of the story they are studying and look at clothes and descriptions.


6èmes will study for TEST 1 on « BE » and English schools, can you remember the name of the river in London?


5ème will have TEST 1 on ICD 4 (see your page if you have lost your copy) and talk about Likes & Dislikes.


4ème will have TEST 1 on Presentations & Descriptions, and then study the comparative.


3ème will have TEST 1 on presentations and question forms, they will also look at how to use « so » and « neither » and how to talk about your zodiac sign and character.

Don’t forget the via ferrata on Friday  and welcome back to Mr Vescovi, our German teacher 🙂


Have a great week!