This week in English Class



Hi, here are some of the things we’ll be getting up to this week in class;

everyone (except the primary!) will have their vocab test 2 and be given list 3.



CM1 will be studying classroom vocab,

CM2 will produce a video of the story they are studying and look at clothes and descriptions.


6èmes will study for TEST 1 on « BE » and English schools, can you remember the name of the river in London?


5ème will have TEST 1 on ICD 4 (see your page if you have lost your copy) and talk about Likes & Dislikes.


4ème will have TEST 1 on Presentations & Descriptions, and then study the comparative.


3ème will have TEST 1 on presentations and question forms, they will also look at how to use « so » and « neither » and how to talk about your zodiac sign and character.

Don’t forget the via ferrata on Friday  and welcome back to Mr Vescovi, our German teacher 🙂


Have a great week!



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