Almost the holidays! Joker from 14th October

To win an extra joker this week write a letter to you teacher about your progress in English this term.

5ème – tu peux écrire en français si tu veux, explique ce que tu as appris, ce qui était facile, difficile, etc, et tes objectifs jusqu’à Noel.

4ème – Same as 5ème but in English please!

3ème – Same as 4ème – and don’t forget to use the letter format you learnt in class!

The holidays don’t start until Friday afternoon, so if you work hard this week you can enjoy your time off next week 🙂


Week of 10th September

Everyone got great results in the vocabulary tests last week so keep up the good work! Your ICD grammar lessons are now on this site so take a look and start doing practice exercises for your tests next week.

THIS WEEK’S JOKER = Write FIVE phrases, each using a word from vocabulary list 2.

Don’t forget it’s the school photos this Tuesday, and if you want an extra « appui » English class for Friday afternoon ask me before Wednesday lunch.


Free Joker & 100 word challenge from 20th April

Hello, I hope you are enjoying the holidays!

If, like me, you are starting to get organised for school, you might want to get ahead with an extra joker!


To get a joker this week:

Write 5 phrases in the past about what you did in the holidays, and write 5 questions to ask Mrs H about her holidays.

If you want to find out about the 100 word challenge then check out this website, if you want to practise then write a story in 100 words that includes these words:

Hard   Beautiful   Brown   Worried   Camera

Give your story to your teacher – it will count as a bonus joker!