Oral evaluation – mark sheet

Here is a copy of the mark sheet I will use to evaluate your oral ability next week:

Oral Evaluation Term 3 2015

Name :

Class :

Date :

Total & Observation:



Dialogue :     /5

  • Student understands question and responds appropriately
  • Students asks extra questions and reacts to partner, e.g. “Oh you like tennis? I prefer football, did you watch the Swiss world cup match last weekend?”
  • Students helps partner, e.g. reformulating questions if partner doesn’t understand


Pronunciation:       /5

  • Student speaks clearly and can be understood
  • Student pronounces individual words well
  • Student uses appropriate intonation, especially in questions



Grammar:       /5

  • Student uses a variety of relevant tenses and grammar items
  • Student correctly uses grammar items studied in class this year


Vocabulary:       /5

  • Student uses a variety of lexical items
  • Student correctly uses lexical items studied in class this year
  • Student uses synonyms instead of repeating partner

Please read it and ask me any questions you have.

Remember for top marks – be natural, have a conversation with your partner, help your partner – this is not an interogation!


See you soon!



This week…

… is our last week, sniff, sniff! Your written results are on pronote and I’m sure you’re all busy revising for your oral exams on Tuesday and Wednesday, remember to message me if you have any questions.

If I don’t see you this week, then have a great summer, it’s been great working with you all this year, I hope you’ve had as much fun as I have  🙂




This week…

I’m home at last from here:   vesuvius-naples …and ready for our LAST WEEK OF CLASSES! Oh my – that’s scary!

Hasn’t the year gone quickly? So, for almost the last time this school year, here is what you’ll be up to:

CM1- Food

CM2 – The world around us

ALL CLASSES 6ème-3ème have a VOCABULARY TEST on LISTS 1-10 this week,

6ème – revising the past

5ème – life experiences – have + PP

4ème – presenting your J8 projects & revision

3ème – Wikipedia page & future revision.

Your written and oral exams are coming soon, for the written exams:

-revise the vocabulary

-reread and do the exercises on the ICD sheets

– read & do the exercises at the back of the textbook/end of chapters

– read & do the I can do it sections and the end of the chapters in the workbook

-ask your teacher to explain anything you are not sure about.

To revise for your oral exams:

6ème, click https://fabenglishteacher.com/2014/05/22/6eme-oral-exam/

5ème, click here

4ème, click here https://fabenglishteacher.com/2014/05/20/4eme-oral-subjects/

and 3ème, here https://fabenglishteacher.com/2014/05/22/3eme-oral-exam/

Remember, it’s not the holidays yet… but it soon will be 🙂