This week…

I’m home at last from here:   vesuvius-naples …and ready for our LAST WEEK OF CLASSES! Oh my – that’s scary!

Hasn’t the year gone quickly? So, for almost the last time this school year, here is what you’ll be up to:

CM1- Food

CM2 – The world around us

ALL CLASSES 6ème-3ème have a VOCABULARY TEST on LISTS 1-10 this week,

6ème – revising the past

5ème – life experiences – have + PP

4ème – presenting your J8 projects & revision

3ème – Wikipedia page & future revision.

Your written and oral exams are coming soon, for the written exams:

-revise the vocabulary

-reread and do the exercises on the ICD sheets

– read & do the exercises at the back of the textbook/end of chapters

– read & do the I can do it sections and the end of the chapters in the workbook

-ask your teacher to explain anything you are not sure about.

To revise for your oral exams:

6ème, click

5ème, click here

4ème, click here

and 3ème, here

Remember, it’s not the holidays yet… but it soon will be 🙂





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