4eme Oral subjects


You will do the exam with a classmate, you will take it in turns taking cards on which questions about the following subjects are written:

– descriptions, physical, character and hobbies
-social & school rules
-food & junk food
– tube & street directions
-oyster card
– describing your home
– places in town & transport
-things to do in London
– someone you admire
– ancestors & family
-U.S. Food
-the Mayflower & settlers
– the Environment
-Summer camp
-U.S. Independence
-recent events
-life experiences
-J8 ideas
-New York

You will ask each other questions and develop a dialogue on these subjects.
This is 20 % of your end of term exam, so don’t hesitate to ask for extra lessons on Friday if you want.
If your partner is absent I will ask you the questions and discuss them with you.

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