Possible « problematiques » for the oral dossier LLCE (spé anglais) – Literature

I Art & Débats d’Idées

  1. Art & Contestation
  2. How do artists use their work as political statements?
  3. Does art have a duty to contest the status quo?
  4. What is the role of art and culture in political contestation?
  5. Does art have a duty to be subversive?
  6. How has the African diaspora reclaimed their history through art and culture?
  • Art qui fait Débat
  • The purpose of art is to produce thinking, do you agree?
  • Can anything be art? What makes a piece Art?
  • Art must be beautiful to be considered art, do you agree?
  • L’art du débat
  • How do body posture and rhetoric affect our impression of a speech?
  • How do the rhetorical devices used in these speeches affect the audience?

II Expression et Construction de Soi

  1. Expression des emotions

– how do authors display emotion despite the British “stiff upper lip?

-is it possible to display emotions and be reserved at the same time?

  • Mise en scène de soi
  • what ways do artists and authors use to present themselves?
  • Initiation, apprentissage
  • How is the bildungsroman presented in literature?
  • How is the theme of growing up dealt with in art and literature?

III Voyages, territoires, et frontières

               1.  Exploration et Aventure

                      -How is travelling essential to evolve ?

                       -Does travelling enhance knowledge ?

                       -How does exploration affect our society ?

                     -To what extent has travelling affected nations ?

                      -How has travelling evolved over time ?

2.Ancrage et Heritage

  • “We write about what we know” – How is this shown in Commonwealth literature?
  • How is food used to represent our heritage in art and literature?

3.Migration et Exile

– How do immigrant writers  and artistsdeal with the theme of integration in their work?