Strange Times


Many of us are feeling strange at the moment, we were happy when school closed, but now we realise this isn’t a holiday – we can’t go to the cinema or hang out with friends, our parents and teachers say we have to continue learning, our routine has disappeared and we realise we quite liked our routine, it was easy and comfortable.

So what do we do now? Here are some suggestions to make the most of this situation:

1. Get some sleep! Yes you will have chance to sleep a little later in the mornings but keep bedtime reasonable and take this opportunity to catch up on some sleep!

2. Get outside! You can’t hang out in town with your crowd but a bit of exercise, even just a walk, in the fresh air will do you good for your body and brain!

3. Get a Routine! As from Monday morning your teachers will be sending you work regularly, this is a brilliant opportunity to try out modern learning techniques and work more at your own speed.

4. Keep in touch!Everyday I’ll be in my virtual classroom in Zoom to share a chat and a cup of tea with you, just click here 

Feel free to contact me by mail or pronote, I’ll be sending you plenty of things to keep you busy 🙂

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