This week’s work and free joker!


I hope you’re enjoying your weekend, if you want to win a free joker this week you must be the first person to send me a text of 100 words including the following phrase:

…as I looked around…

That’s not too hard is it?!

This week we are doing lots of fun things, the 6ème have a test on the present so I hope you are all revising!

The 5ème will be doing another oral presentation, this time about your favourite star, shall I film you this time?

The 4ème have a test about social codes, can you remember what to do when you meet an English person?

The 3ème will be talking about films, shall we watch one? What would you like to see?

The AEP  Monday class will be  building bridges and the Tuesday class will be presenting their islands and creating their world, I can’t wait to see what they will be like!

I haven’t forgotten te primary classes, they will be looking at nationalities (CM1) and action verbs (CM2).

All of you should revise your vocabulary and lessons regularly, I hope you are happy and have a routine for your school work now, if you have any problems or questions then please contact me, remember…


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