100 word challenge #30

The 100 word challenge is back after the holidays, here’s Noemie’s text for this week:

The holidays had just began, when he started his first day of work. This city wass dead, there was almost nobody in the street and the weather was as gloomy as ever. And nothing important has ever happened.
As he finished eating his breakfast, he took the keys of his car and went to work. Yes, this man is a policeman. Unfortunatly, in a city where nothing happens, this kind of job isn’t the most interesting. They had been on the death of Mme. Dellarue for two months, even though she was dead of natural causes, a sickness.
When he entered in his office, he turned on the light, put the bag on the chair and started his computer. But to do what? There was nothing to do. So he looked in his cupboard to see if his secretary had anything for him to do ; and when he oppened the cupboard door, he saw…. that nothing was inside, as every day. Yes, in this city there really is nothing happening.

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