100 Word Challenge #17

This week’s prompt was;

…and the custard tasted like…

A challenge as most  (or all?) of my pupils have never tried custard!

This week’s story comes from Hélène Chevallier from class 4B.

During my last Christmas holidays in London, I was dying to try a British speciality I had been told about : the afternoon tea at Fortnum & Mason, known worldwide for their vanilla custard. So I went there. Greedy as I am, I was excited and impatient. What a disappointment when the waiter told me that they had just run out of custard! Too many clients had ordered this dessert before me. I was so sad and frustrated! But the worst was to come. Leaving the café, I heard an old woman telling her husband: “Oh what a delight, the custard tasted like heaven!”


This week…



The CM1: Evaluation and then will look at transport.

CM2: Frequency (always, often etc.) Days and Routines.

6ème : Test on Can, Must & Possession, we’ll also look at short answers, & vocab test  12.

5ème: Test on Future, Time & Ago, then we’ll revise prepostions, & vocab test14.

4ème : Test on Passive, then we’ll look at cooking (feel free to bring a cake or some cookies!), & vocab test14.

3ème: Music & Unfinished actions & vocab test 11.

The One Hundred Word Challenge this week is to uses the phrase

…the custard tasted like…

in a short story of about 100 words. This will be homework for the 4ème, who are studying cooking after all this week, however if anyone else would like to join in just email me your story.

There’s a lot of tests this week but I promise you we’ll have some fun too!

See you tomorrow,




100 Word Challenge #16

This is our first post for the 100 Word Challenge where we join other pupils throughout the world to write a story in a hundred words.

This week it is Noémie Monnin from 3A who has written the story.

I wonder, are we the only non -English speaking school participating?

Go to the 100 word challenge to look at the other stories and leave a comment for them or for Noémie’s story below.

      “…but when I put the batteries in it…”

« August 13: messages

18:35  -I am camping near Tanney forest with my friend, Mark. I just lighted the camp fire. It’s already getting dark, but Mark has to get some extra batteries for our torches.I started preparing dinner,beans.

 19:40 -it’s been one hour since he left and he still isn’t back .I’m worried…I’m going to search for him. I’m taking my torch and my phone with me. 

07:00 -I got lost!!! The light of my torch was dying, so I tried to change the batteries, but whenIi put the batteries in it, I saw a monster running toward me! I think I fell in coma. it’s still dark and I didn’t find Mark.

But I’m back at the camp, strange…no wait ! The beans have desappeared ! It must’ve been the monster… »    

This week…


Haven’t the holidays gone quickly?!

Sorry to spoil your last few days but here’s what you’ll be up to next week:

CM1 – Family revision, Action verbs, a Birthday party

CM2 – Illness revision, Actions, a story, daily routines

6ème – Possessive revision ( for your test next week!!), Pets

5ème – Telling the time & Ago

4ème – Food, American traditions, The passive tense, & DON’T FORGET TO HAND IN YOUR E.T. DN. !!

3ème – after a chat about the holidays on Monday you’ll be preparing your next Oral evaluation and looking at Wales and Music.

Anglophones – you’ll be looking at New ear around the world with a webquest, and next week we’ll start Shakespeare.

Here’s a question for you all:

imagine you have been shrunk to the size of a coin, someone has thrown you in a kitchen mixer, it will turn on in 60 seconds, how will you save yourself?

I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon, and remember…

…New Year, Fresh Start!


Happy New Year!


New year, new start…

What are you looking forward to this year?

Me – a couple of marathons, a couple of conferences, a fantastic school trip to Naples, helping my students through the Cambridge and Trinity exams, the 60 year anniversary of Topffer school,…

What are your New Year’s Resolutions?

Mine – use the smartboard more in class, play more music in class, continue finding fun things to do in « Appui » Friday afternoons…. Whatever your hopes and plans I wish you a fantastic 2014, filled with laughter, love, friends,… and some hard work too!