This week…


Haven’t the holidays gone quickly?!

Sorry to spoil your last few days but here’s what you’ll be up to next week:

CM1 – Family revision, Action verbs, a Birthday party

CM2 – Illness revision, Actions, a story, daily routines

6ème – Possessive revision ( for your test next week!!), Pets

5ème – Telling the time & Ago

4ème – Food, American traditions, The passive tense, & DON’T FORGET TO HAND IN YOUR E.T. DN. !!

3ème – after a chat about the holidays on Monday you’ll be preparing your next Oral evaluation and looking at Wales and Music.

Anglophones – you’ll be looking at New ear around the world with a webquest, and next week we’ll start Shakespeare.

Here’s a question for you all:

imagine you have been shrunk to the size of a coin, someone has thrown you in a kitchen mixer, it will turn on in 60 seconds, how will you save yourself?

I’m looking forward to seeing you all soon, and remember…

…New Year, Fresh Start!


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