This week…



The CM1: Evaluation and then will look at transport.

CM2: Frequency (always, often etc.) Days and Routines.

6ème : Test on Can, Must & Possession, we’ll also look at short answers, & vocab test  12.

5ème: Test on Future, Time & Ago, then we’ll revise prepostions, & vocab test14.

4ème : Test on Passive, then we’ll look at cooking (feel free to bring a cake or some cookies!), & vocab test14.

3ème: Music & Unfinished actions & vocab test 11.

The One Hundred Word Challenge this week is to uses the phrase

…the custard tasted like…

in a short story of about 100 words. This will be homework for the 4ème, who are studying cooking after all this week, however if anyone else would like to join in just email me your story.

There’s a lot of tests this week but I promise you we’ll have some fun too!

See you tomorrow,




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