100 Word Challenge #16

This is our first post for the 100 Word Challenge where we join other pupils throughout the world to write a story in a hundred words.

This week it is Noémie Monnin from 3A who has written the story.

I wonder, are we the only non -English speaking school participating?

Go to the 100 word challenge to look at the other stories and leave a comment for them or for Noémie’s story below.

      “…but when I put the batteries in it…”

« August 13: messages

18:35  -I am camping near Tanney forest with my friend, Mark. I just lighted the camp fire. It’s already getting dark, but Mark has to get some extra batteries for our torches.I started preparing dinner,beans.

 19:40 -it’s been one hour since he left and he still isn’t back .I’m worried…I’m going to search for him. I’m taking my torch and my phone with me. 

07:00 -I got lost!!! The light of my torch was dying, so I tried to change the batteries, but whenIi put the batteries in it, I saw a monster running toward me! I think I fell in coma. it’s still dark and I didn’t find Mark.

But I’m back at the camp, strange…no wait ! The beans have desappeared ! It must’ve been the monster… »    

2 réflexions sur “100 Word Challenge #16

  1. Mrs W - Team100wc

    Hello Noémie,
    Happy New Year to you. I hope it is a good one for you.

    Well done on entering the 100wc especially since your first language isn’t English. I think that you have done a very good job – I certainly couldn’t write this well in French.

    I wonder how you got back to the camp? I wonder whether you really did see a monster, or whether it was the dark playing tricks and it was really Mark.

    Keep up the great work and entering the 100wc
    Mrs W – Team 100wc
    Flamborough, East Yorkshire, England

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