This week…


This week is going to be quite short for those of you going to ski camp, don’t worry – you’ll still have time to learn lots of English!

CM1 – We’ll look at transport.

CM2 – We’ll read about a trip to the cinema and talk about films.

6ème- Describing your house & bedroom using prepositions.

5ème – Chores & Obligations.

4ème- I’m looking forward to you bringing recipes and some yummy food, and we’ll read about the Mayflower.

3ème- We’ll revise have been +ing (did you notice I gave you the wrong exercises?!), and look at being a fan. I can’t wait to hear your oral presentations of your favourite song/singer.

100 Word Challenge

The 3ème will be doing the challenge this week, you have until Thursday to send me your texts. This week has a photo prompt, look carefully at this:



and write your text about it.

For those of you who have already been on the ski camp, here’s a little souvenir !



Finally, remember your teachers are still observing each other’s classes, so don’t be surprised to find an extra « pupil » in your class this week.

Have a good week!


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