100 Word Challenge #18

This week we were given a picture prompt  by 100 Word Challenge. I recieved some great work, here’s Nour’s:

Yesterday, my mom sent me grocery shopping because we were out of butter, and she needed butter for her lemon cake. So I went. At the store, I grabbed the butter along with a pack of chips really fast to come back faster but it was useless since the cashier took 3 hours to check out this stuff.
On the way back home I walked along the Meyer’s house. Maggie’s house.
We used to spend hours dressing up Barbies and arguing about who’d get to wear the rainbow puffy skirt (well, actually, whose Barbie’d get to wear the rainbow puffy skirt.)
But the past has passed.
I sighed and continued walking, the perspective of a good cake making me happy.

Une réflexion sur “100 Word Challenge #18

  1. Hello,
    This is an extremely unique interpretation of the prompt for week 18. Your elevated sense of creativity is evident in your writing. It is far easier to grab for the obvious, rather than reaching for bolder creative visions when given a writing prompt. Kudos to you for reaching farther.
    I would have liked to have read more of the reminiscences of your character, and less of the events at the grocery store. The beauty in the piece is in the thoughts of your character, not the length of time it took to check out at the grocery. (Although, that makes me crazy also!)
    I hope you continue to push yourself and think deeper and farther when you write. The originality of your submission is refreshing!
    Thank you for sharing your entry,
    Gina Felton (Team 100, Iowa USA)

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