100 Word Challenge #18bis!

Again I couldn’t decide which story to enter in the 100 Word Challenge, so I’m entering two!

This one is by Eleazar in 3ème:

It was when I still was superintendent. I had been researching the teacher who killed all his class in primary school for more than 10 months. But I couldn’t give up for one reason : my daughter was in her class. I had seen her many times so I knew I would be able to recognize her. This day I was walking in a strange street. I can’t remember why. But when I saw this pair of pink ballet shoes I remembered one little but crucial thing: this teacher used to wear them. In fact they was her only pair of shoes. I immediately called the police and told them to send my men to this address. I looked carefully at this strange red wooden house. There was nothing in but a ladder. I decided to enter. The door wasn’t locked. I turned the handle. I entered. She was there …

3 réflexions sur “100 Word Challenge #18bis!

  1. Kerry from Liverpool

    OMG – I can’t believe a child who’s second language is english can write an amazing story like this. The only thing I would say is to look at your tenses, for example, they were only pair of shoes not was her only pair of shoes. However my English children (aged 11) still get mixed up with this, so don’t worry at all. Great job!!!!!!!

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