This week…

This week we have lots to do:

CM1 – Evaluation on transport

CM2 – Weather and the past tense

(also both Primary classes are going to have some fun with phonemes this week!)

6ème will be using prepositions to describe their bedroom,

5ème will be talking about summer camp and Indians,

4ème will be looking at the story of the Mayflower and American history,

3ème will be researching and talking about charities.

The 100 word Challenge

This will be obligatory for the 4ème this week, but anyone is welcome to join in.

Either send me your text or put it directly on the website

Last week there were 1,310 entries!

The prompt this week needs you to put these 5 words into your writing somewhere.


They can be in any order but all 5 must be there.

If you can use your IT skills to highlight them, it would really help your readers see that you have included them all.

That means your piece should be  about 105 words long.

In case you’re wondering about the picture, I went to a conference for English teachers this week in Thun, this is a photo of the castle and lake of this Swiss town.

Have a great week,




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