100 Word Challenge #17 bis

I’ve received so many great stories this week, that I can’t choose just one, so here’s another one using this week’s prompt:

…and the custard tasted like…

This one is from Douglas Rufino in class 4A.

I was painting the wall because we had a big party with my family, and I wanted it to be nice. My mother was cooking a big meal. The desert was a cake with custard. But while I was painting the wall, my dog bumped into the ladder. The ladder fell, I broke my leg but the important part is that some of the paint fell into the custard. I didn’t want to tell my mother because she worked hard to make it.  In the evening when my family finished the meal my mother went to get the desert. All the family looked at the custard and they all said « it looks delicious! » at the end of the desert all my family asked my mother how  she had made the custard because the custard tasted like banana. They all said it was a delicious custard.

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