Holiday Joker!

What will you do in the holidays???

Write your holiday verbs – 10 for the 5ème, 15 for the 4ème and 20 for the 3ème!

And… happy holidays!


This week’s joker – 22nd-29th September

Find five new words for each letter of your name (and give the translations!):

Example: Ben=

barn, bursary, bishop, bachelor, bale.

eggplant, exceptional, easter, eel, eventually.

numpty, naughty, nasty, ne’er-do-good, noon.

Don’t use the words in the examples!!

This week!

Everyone should be getting their exams back, it is very important to use these to revise and learn from your mistakes, so for this week’s free joker –

Choose 2 exercises from your exam and write them correctly and give them to Mrs H!

It was great to see you all at the « Escalade » race this weekend,


and there’s an extra joker for the girl in 5ème who cheered me on during the race – do you know who you are?!