Need a joker?

The end of term is arriving and many of you need a joker to make up for forgotten books or homework!

The objective of homework, and these jokers is for you to think in English for a little moment outside class, this greatly improves your English level IN class.

As you haven’t had time to do the English I asked you to do outside class, tell me instead when you did « meet » English this week;

Write a list of moments you spoke/heard/read or wrote English outside class this week and give it to Mrs Harris 🙂

Are you ready for your exams?

Here are some tips to help you revise, and not just for your English exams! (and an extra joker!)

  1. Plan ahead and don’t just revise the night before, you learn something better 4 X 30 minutes than 2 hours just before the exam.

2. Reread & practice your old tests – LOTS OF TEACHERS USE THE SAME EXERCISES IN THE EXAMS!!

3. PRACTICE, don’t just read! Research says we should « learn » for 20% of the time and test ourselves for the other 80%, do exercises from the end of chapter & back of the book, use quizlet, do exercises online at anglaisfacile, ask people to test you.

4. MAKE NOTES of the important information, don’t just re-read it.

5. Highlighting in coloured pens is pretty but NOT efficient,  you learn much better by making notes and TESTING YOURSELF than by decorating your work!

6. For your English exams you must revise everything we’ve done since September – grammar, vocabulary and themes.

7. Bring me the notes you make to revise for English and you’ll get an extra joker!

8. Good Luck! – there’s no need to panic, revise a little and often, and remember eating well, a little exercise and plenty of sleep are the best ways to succeed!

New Week, New Joker


(Hope this make you want to come on the next school trip; we had a FABULOUS time!)

Hi! I haven’t seen many of you for a week as I was in Dublin, come and ask about the rip if you didn’t go!

The school year is not finished yet and it’s time to get to work to improve your marks and revise for the end-of-year exams.

Many of you have used your jokers and it is better to spend Friday in appui, not in detention! So here is this weeks joker:


– ex for 5ème ICD 1 – I am 15, I can play the piano, English is great – I love it


Welcome to Our Open Day!

Saturday 28th April is Open Day at Lycée Topffer, do come along and say hello, whether you are already a student, an old student our anyone in the Geneva region who would like to come by and say hi!

You can see all the wonderful work and projects our students have done this year – and here in Room 8 (The English classroom) we have cookies and cakes prepared by Mrs Gauderlot and her 6ème!