Changes this Week



due to some family issues here at Harris Towers there will be some changes this week:

  • I’m afraid there won’t be teatime this week
  • I might not be about to zoom your lessons to you – but don’t worry I’ll leave you plenty of work!
  • Talking of work, it seems some of us teachers have been a little over-enthusiastic in the work we’ve given you, so I’m going to give a lot less this week.
  • If however you have some time to practice your English then choose from the activities below:

MONDAY– Bored??? Find the cure to boredom here.

TUESDAY– Today is my birthday! – Write me a message telling me about your BEST BIRTHDAY EVER!

WEDNESDAY– Check out this text about April Fool’s day 🙂

THURSDAY– Sick of teachers telling you hat to learn? What would you LIKE to learn about?Have a think and then send me a message telling me about what you want to learn and why.

FRIDAY- ALMOST THE HOLIDAYS, but not quite! These are extremely unusual times we live in, write me a letter about how you are living and studying in confinement, what is your new typical day? Who are you living with? What are the advantages of confinement? and the disadvantages? (Keep a copy – it will be interesting to look at in a few years’ time.)


CM1 – collect objects for our house

CM2 – write a journal everyday of what you do- you can use the present, remember the -s for he/she

6ème – write a journal every day USING THE PAST TENSE

Everyone else: check you have done all the activities in your workbook up to where we are now, revise all the old vocab lists – use quizlet! Put your phone in English, watch series in English, add English subtitles to you youtube videos, learn the words to your favourite English song,…

Strange Times


Many of us are feeling strange at the moment, we were happy when school closed, but now we realise this isn’t a holiday – we can’t go to the cinema or hang out with friends, our parents and teachers say we have to continue learning, our routine has disappeared and we realise we quite liked our routine, it was easy and comfortable.

So what do we do now? Here are some suggestions to make the most of this situation:

1. Get some sleep! Yes you will have chance to sleep a little later in the mornings but keep bedtime reasonable and take this opportunity to catch up on some sleep!

2. Get outside! You can’t hang out in town with your crowd but a bit of exercise, even just a walk, in the fresh air will do you good for your body and brain!

3. Get a Routine! As from Monday morning your teachers will be sending you work regularly, this is a brilliant opportunity to try out modern learning techniques and work more at your own speed.

4. Keep in touch!Everyday I’ll be in my virtual classroom in Zoom to share a chat and a cup of tea with you, just click here 

Feel free to contact me by mail or pronote, I’ll be sending you plenty of things to keep you busy 🙂

Hello 2020!!



I’m so looking forward to seeing you all again after the holidays, I doubt anyone needs a joker yet but if you want to flex your English brain a little you can do the following:

Write me a letter – tell me about your holidays and your resolutions for 2020, here’s mine:

Dear Students,

I spent the holidays with my family, we had visitors from England. We went to the Christmas market in Bastions, and we went skiing on Boxing day (26th December). For New Year’s eve friends came to our house for a delicious dinner – no, I didn’t cook! I spent the holidays working (planning lessons and writing chapters for a future textbook)  and reading, here I am:


I went to the cinema three times, I saw Star Wars, Jumanji II and Little Women.

My Resolutions are to go swimming every week, run twice a week to train for a race in May, and finish writing a book for teachers that I’m working on.

Have a brilliant 2020,

Best Wishes from Mrs Harris!

Need a joker?

The end of term is arriving and many of you need a joker to make up for forgotten books or homework!

The objective of homework, and these jokers is for you to think in English for a little moment outside class, this greatly improves your English level IN class.

As you haven’t had time to do the English I asked you to do outside class, tell me instead when you did « meet » English this week;

Write a list of moments you spoke/heard/read or wrote English outside class this week and give it to Mrs Harris 🙂