This week’s joker – 22nd-29th September

Find five new words for each letter of your name (and give the translations!):

Example: Ben=

barn, bursary, bishop, bachelor, bale.

eggplant, exceptional, easter, eel, eventually.

numpty, naughty, nasty, ne’er-do-good, noon.

Don’t use the words in the examples!!


This week’s Joker!

For those of you who want an extra joker this week (11th – 15th September):

Write down 6 resolutions for this school year, they can be about school or you hobbies, will you decide to revise regularly? Keep your room tidy? Stop eating sweets?

Back to School!

Are you ready? – I am! I hope you had a great summer, we have loads of exciting things prepared for this new school year.

If you’re impatient to start practising your English already then you can start by telling me what you did in the holidays in the comment box below.

You can also follow me on instagram and tell me your #3bestbits of your holidays.

Free Joker & 100 word challenge from 20th April

Hello, I hope you are enjoying the holidays!

If, like me, you are starting to get organised for school, you might want to get ahead with an extra joker!


To get a joker this week:

Write 5 phrases in the past about what you did in the holidays, and write 5 questions to ask Mrs H about her holidays.

If you want to find out about the 100 word challenge then check out this website, if you want to practise then write a story in 100 words that includes these words:

Hard   Beautiful   Brown   Worried   Camera

Give your story to your teacher – it will count as a bonus joker!

Back to School!

I hope you had a good holiday and are ready for this week! Don’t forget you have a test this week, and the exams are coming, it’s a good idea to start revising, especially the vocabulary (use quizlet!).

To win a joker this week: Saturday 1st April is our OPEN DAY, write a list of ideas of how to present your English class to new students and their parents.