Another Joker!

Write the name of 10 famous people who speak English and their jobs, fore example:

Mrs Harris- she is an English teacher!

Some Great Ways to Start the School Year!

Welcome back! I hope you had a great holiday and are ready to start work! Here are some ideas to help you make the best possible start to the year!

  1. Get prepared! – Buy plenty of paper and fill up your pencil case! For ring binders I suggest you wait until you know what colour your coursebook will be, it’s much easier to bring the right binder if it’s the same colour as your book, DO NOT buy 10 binders the same colour!!

2. Start using your brain again! Read a book (yes a book!!😳) Play quizlet to revise your vocab,etc.

3. Try and get a good night’s sleep the night before class starts – but don’t panic that you can’t sleep, one short night won’t matter if you are well rested from the holidays, and a couple of days at school will help you sleep earlier pretty quickly!

4. Read this article over on my other website. This new site is still under construction, but you will find lots of information on Learning Strategies and Language Coaching that will help you learn even better than before!

New Term, New Joker!

Hi! Hope you had a great holiday! Here are some ways to win new jokers this term- there are lots of things to do for our Open Day on Saturday 24th April 🙂

Make a Poster

All classes: make a poster of any of the following topics:

Töpffer Lycée – Geneva- English class-Anglophones-Appuis

6ème: make a poster of:

Your Invented School-Pets-A recipe-Charlie & the Chocolate Factory – A day in London with paddington -Design a superhero

Make a Mindmap

This can be on any theme you’ve studied in English this year, so for the 4ème for example; Ireland, canada, time Capsules, Australia… 6ème; school (rules, uniforms, subjects…)Pets & how to care for them, London, Food, …

Write a letter

Write a letter to a future student (in English!) telling them why they should come to our school

Bring Something tasty!

Anyone who brings something they’ve made (along with the recipe in English) to the Open Day gets an extra Joker!

Lego Construction!

Mrs Harris needs help building her lego london, come to anglophone on Monday 5pm or Wednesday 1pm and give her a hand!