This week…



This week in English class…


Primary – CM1 Fruit, CM2 -clothes and descriptions,


6ème – Time, and a BIG TEST on present simple and imperatives,


5ème – can & can’t, and short answers, and don’t forget your folder for parents’ evening on Tuesday,


4ème – you will produce your film about the school, and look at  food, present simple & present continuous (test next week),


3ème- Monday you will hand in your oral ppresentation on New York ( I’ve already received a couple, thanks!), then we’ll look at the movies, and past & present perfect tenses.


Don’t forget to ask for an appui if you need to revise what we study in class, don’t wait to get a dissapointing mark in a test to react!


I’m off to Lyon to run in the marathon, hope you have a good weekend too 🙂


See you Monday,





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